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I’ve learnt a lot, from decades of lived experience and another decade of university study. But my latest research has uncovered something life-changing, and I feel compelled to share it with you. I wish somebody had done this for me long ago; it might have stopped me from doing some really stupid things, and getting so very fat.

I know the reality of physical injury and emotional trauma, and how they feed each other to make things worse.

I know how negative experiences can trigger changes in health and physical appearance.

I know how easy it is to develop ‘disordered’ ways of eating – by severely restricting the types of foods we eat, or by eating too much.

I know how life can become a string of disappointments, and how it can sometimes seem all too hard.

The Hunger Hero Diet is a valuable resource for overweight men and women, especially those who are unable to exercise or challenged by depression.

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The secret to good mental and physical health is finding BALANCE in our lives. It sounds so simple, but few of us manage the basics: a good night’s sleep, some daily physical activity, quality time with friends and family, and the right kind of nutrition for our stage of life. The Hunger Hero Diet will show you the way. It is never too late to change.

We share the latest scientific evidence, from peer-reviewed articles published in reputable medical research journals. Many are ‘systematic reviews’ that typically collate results from at least 100 original research studies on any given topic. This is the most reliable evidence.

Along the way, your feedback, suggestions and queries are welcome.

Thank you.

Kathryn M James

MASR(Health), BSc(Biomed)Hons, GDipA(Coun), GDipFDRP

Areas of research interest:

  • Healthy ageing, chronic pain management, weight loss without exercise;
  • Nutritional biochemistry, neuroscience, pharmacology, anatomy, nerve and muscle physiology, pathophysiology;
  • Epidemiology, health promotion, public health;
  • Abnormal psychology, behaviour management, mental health assessment, counselling, psychotherapy, trauma, dementia;
  • Professional writing and editing;
  • Professional cookery, menu planning, and nutrition.
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