The Science of Food, Mood, and Weight Loss

The Hunger Hero Diet is a new evidence-based and scientific way of thinking about food. Anyone overweight, unable to exercise, challenged by depression, struggling with chronic pain, or wanting to live a healthier life, can benefit from every chapter in this book.

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The Hunger Hero Diet is informed by research, without being too technical. It’s like Nutrition 101, covering fad diets, superfoods, cultural differences, and the real reasons for weight gain. Eastern practices of Mindfulness enhance Behaviour Change theory, with tips to curb hunger. The HUNGER HEROES are foods we need to eat, with lots of simple recipes. Every reader will gain new insights, for themselves or others.” – Assoc Prof Dr Tim Crowe, Dietician, nutrition research scientist, medical writer. (

Where to buy

The ebook is currently available through Australian websites like Amazon Australia and, plus global distribution channels such as Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, Scribd, Kobo, Apple, Nook, Thalia, Indigo, Mondadori, Angus & Robertson, Barnes & Noble, and Vivlio.

The paperback edition is available in Australia from and (in AU dollars) from local printers in Melbourne, or via (in US dollars) from the US.

The hardcover edition is only available through (listed in US dollars) from the US.

How to Lose Weight and Break the Depression Cycle

Building on 10 years of university study, and a lifetime of lived experience, I discovered a way of eating that enabled me to lose 35kg in 35 weeks, and keep it off – without exercise, drugs or surgery. But I did much more than lose weight; I overcame my depression too. And that broke the cycle of weight gain. The latest science supports this link between food and mood, and after 4 years of intense research and writing, I can finally share my findings with you. – Kathryn M James, MASR(Health), BScBiomedical(Hons), GDip(Coun), FDRP

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Losing weight without exercise, drugs or surgery

“The Hunger Hero Diet is both engaging and compelling, but an easy read; like a conversation with a friend.”Joy Sauvarin, BSc, Nutritional Therapist

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The Hunger Hero Diet

How to Lose Weight and Break the Depression Cycle “The Hunger Hero Diet: How to Lose Weight and Break the Depression Cycle – Without Exercise, Drugs, or Surgery” is currently available in AUSTRALIA as an ebook and paperback through After more than 18 months of research, I discovered a way of eating that enabled…

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Where we live has a direct impact on how we live, and we learn our behaviours from those around us, which may also explain why certain communities have particularly low rates of obesity and other lifestyle diseases. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD and the World Health Organisation (WHO) are two global organisations…

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